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The use of Blood Concentrates is becoming more and more popular in the industry.

EZ PRF is the result of years of experience and study. Consequently, we’ve found what we think is the ULTIMATE blood concentrate!


Low Speed


More Cells


100% Natural
No additive


Fibrin Scaffold

Easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

EZPRF easy as 1, 2, 3


Collect blood sample

EZPRF easy as 1, 2, 3


Place tube(s) in the centrifuge

EZPRF easy as 1, 2, 3


Select the PreSettings & Hit Spin!

What's the Ultimate Blood Concentrate?

What makes ezPRF better than traditional PRP or PRFM?

more cells

1. More Cells!

Not only does EZPRF contain more platelets per mcL, it also has leukocytes (WBC) & mesenchymal stem cell!

We could also call it the "Platelet, Leukocyte & Mesenchymal-stem-cells Concentrate”, but that would be a bit long, wouldn’t it? (#PLMC)

fibrin scaffold matrix

2. Fibrin Scaffold!

The fact that the plasma actually clots into fibrin allows for a much slower release of the Growth factor and cytokines.

We have more cells, resulting in more GFs, kept alive longer and released for a much longer period of time.

How do we obtain more cells?

high speed VS low speed centrifugation:


In order to obtain PRP, it is necessary to spin the tubes at up to 6x the G-Force of the EZPRF process.

The idea of the high spin method is to eliminate all Red Blood Cells (RBC), by pushing them down with gravitational force.

It's a good idea, but spinning it too fast, for too long, PRP methods also eliminate the cells that we DO want.

How does Fibrin form?

No anticoagulant!

This is High School Biology: Our tubes are 100% Natural and devoid of any anti-coagulant. As a result, fibrinogen molecules can be converted by thrombin into fibrin during blood clot formation.

natural prf

Up to 10x the platelet concentration.

How is that Possible?

We're only using about 1/10th of the volume collected. And because we're spinning at a very low G-Force, the platelet recovery is very close to 100%!

Below, we're explaining why claims of 5x the concentration while using up to 1/2 of the collected volume is mathematically impossible!

What about Leukocytes?

There seems to be a debate in the scientific community about the White Blood Cells and their effect on the healing process. You'll get a different conclusion depending on who's financing the study.

We are creating what’s called a controlled inflammatory response and leukocytes are the cells associated with inflammatory response.

The truth about PRP claims

When PRP companies measure their platelet concentration, they usually use the bottom of their concentrate, the closest possible to the separating gel.

We've discussed earlier that spinning too fast sends the cells to the bottom. It also creates an imbalanced concentrate. The higher we collect, the less concentrated.

  • The bottom 1/3 can generally be considered PRP
  • The top 2/3 actually is PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma)

So even if you're still collecting PRP, we'd recommend to use only the bottom 1/3 above the gel (On a 10ml tube, that's about 2cc). Otherwise you're diluting your solution with pure plasma (water)

Back to School

Dismantling Deceptive Marketing

Let's do the math!

Let's have some fun with very simple math! :)

There are 20 Sheep in a 10 acre field.

That gives us a concentration of 2 sheep per acre.

Let's push all the sheep to the right 1/2 of the field. This is the equivalent of moving all the platelets on the top 1/2 of the tube.

We now have 4 sheep per acre, which equals to 2x the sheep concentration.

(This is similar to PRP: 1/2 the initial volume = max 2x the concentration)

If we move them all to 1/5 of the field, then we have 10 sheep per acre, which equals to 5x the concentration.

That is when we're able to retain 100% of the sheep (or a sheep recovery of 100%)

The maximum multiplier of the concentration can not be greater than the divider of the volume/surface.

Otherwise, you're just creating Platelets (or sheep) out of thin air.

Take a look at our Products

Introducing the product line

Our proprietary EZPRF tubes and centrifuge settings are designed to create a blood concentrate rich in platelets, leukocytes and Mesenchymal stem cells.

1 Kits

Our offer is very simple, we've got 2 kits. Our first kit, the EZ2K, contains 2 x 13ml tubes for 3 to 6cc of blood concentrate. The other kit, the EZ4k, contains 4 tubes of 13ml and will yield up to10cc.

  • 1 x blood collection set,
  • 1 x 25G 1½” DermaSculpt®,
  • 1 x 23G 1½” DermaSculpt®,
  • 1 x disposable tourniquet,
  • 2 x luer-lock 3ml syringes,
  • 1 x luer-lock 5ml syringe,
  • 1 x female luer-lock connector,
  • 2 x 22G 2” transfer needles,
  • 1 x 30G 1 ½” sharp needle,
  • 1 x 27G 1½” sharp needles.


The EZMINISPIN is the smallest centrifuge on the market capable of hosting up to 6 x 13mL test tubes. It has been pre-configured with our two customized EZPRF settings, and retains the ability to be set manually should the user feel the need to use a different centrifugation speed and time.

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